Opinion: We are Colorado IVF families and the Alabama ruling should scare everyone

Mar 16, 2024

Colorado needs protection of Proposed Initiative 89


By KELSEY GREEN | Guest Columnist and KRISTINA TURCYZYN | Guest Columnist


Both of us are IVF parents with new babies and sleepless nights. Both of us went through the pain, struggle, and emotional trauma of injections, hormonal highs and lows, anxiety over whether an embryo would develop, anxiety over whether the pregnancy would ‘take’, anxiety over whether we ever have a baby at all. And in both our cases, we had multiple embryos before having our angel children.

The Alabama Supreme Court ruling effectively banning IVF should scare everyone, because it threatens the rights of all of us to determine how to have a family. And it represents a direct threat to LGBTQ families like ours. What happens in Alabama won’t stay in Alabama…


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